Blog tasting party!!

I hosted the most wonderful event in my house during the thanksgiving holidays! It was a blog tasting party for my "foodie" friends! I have never had so much fun, making and serving food in little bite size portions! I had the most fun trying to find little containers that could hold all the food!

I did get some containers at ROSS and TJ Maxx, but most of the dishes and cups came from my closet! 

Needless to say I did get very very creative! Lasagna in margarita cups, Lassi (a sweetened buttermilk drink) in dessert wine cups and upma (a savory cream of wheat dish) in little stainless steel cups!

I know I mentioned it before but it was incredibly fun, dishing out the food into those containers! My kids who were just as excited as me (it doesn't take much to get them excited), helped with the labels and dishing out!

I did however create somewhat of a stir among my friends and now everyone is asking when the next tasting party is!!!

Here are some pictures from the fun party!

Nancy brought me the most gorgeous flowers and Ramona bought the most delicious "Moscato" dessert wine!


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