Asian Ginger Broth

I recently ate the most wonderful flavourful, light and healthy soup at one of my favourite restaurants. I obviously wanted to recreate it right away! Its extremely simple to put together.

6 cups of homemade or store bought vegetable broth.
4 tablespoons of fresh shredded ginger.

Boil the vegetable broth with the ginger until broth is infused with the wonderful goodness of the fresh ginger!

Toppings: Get creative and add your favorite toppings

Cubed tofu
Chopped fresh spinach
Chopped green onions
Sliced mushrooms
Shredded carrots
Store bought fried wanton strips of chow mein

Enjoy hot and steaming on a cold winter night! Eat right away to avoid soggy wontons.

Until next time XOXO!


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